Anik Stevens

Campus: Brussel
Adres: Warmoesberg 26, 1000 Brussel
Studiegebied: SAW en Dienst Onderwijs en Kwaliteit


Journal articles (peer reviewed)
Buys, R., Cornelissen, V., Van De Bruaene, A., Stevens, A., Coeckelberghs, E., Onkelinx, S., Thomaes, T., Delecluse, C., Budts, W., Vanhees, L. (2011). Measures of exercise capacity in adults with congenital heart disease. International Journal of Cardiology, 153 (1), 26-30.
Cornelissen, V., Defoor, J., Stevens, A., Schepers, D., Hespel, P., Decramer, M., Mortelmans, L., Dobbels, F., Vanhaecke, J., Fagard, R., Vanhees, L. (2010). Effect of creatine supplementation as a potential adjuvant therapy to exercise training in cardiac patients: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation, 24 (11), 988-999. doi: 10.1177/0269215510367995
Stevens, A. (2013). Samen over de lat. In: HGZO-Congres 2013: vol. 2013, (37-37). Presented at the HGZO congres, Lunteren, Nederland, 21 Jan 2013-22 Jan 2013. (professional oriented)