Jan Van den Broeck

Campus: Brussel
E-mail: Jan.VandenBroeck@odisee.be
Centrum: Sociaal Werk
Studiegebied: Sociaal-Agogisch Werk





Van den Broeck, J. (2015). “Being in the middle of the road”: Uncertainty, the Middle Class and Urban Development in the City of Nairobi. Presented at the Nordic Africa Institute Research Seminars, Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, 20 Oct 2015-20 Oct 2015.
Van den Broeck, J. (2015). "When the city comes this will not be a place for us": Housing Development, Identities and Materialities of Difference around Konza ICT City, Kenya. Presented at the Urban Property, Governance and Citizenship in the Global South, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 23 Jun 2015-26 Jun 2015.
Van den Broeck, J. (2014). Scales of Fear and Unknowability : Uncertainty, Ethnography and the City. Presented at the Centre for Urban Studies Lecture Series, Unversity of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 02 Dec 2014-02 Dec 2014.
Van den Broeck, J. (2014). Beyond Urban Fantasies : Notes on Urban Development, The Middle Class, Postcolonial Critique and the City of Nairobi. Presented at the Beyond the straw men: Post-colonial urban theory and ‘Western’ urban theory: perspectives and possibilities, Universtiy of Ghent, Belgium, 12 Nov 2014-13 Nov 2014.
Van den Broeck, J. (2014). Uncertainty and the Future City : The House and the Emergence of Ontological Uncertainties Around the Konza ICT City near Nairobi, Kenya. Presented at the Vital Instability: Ontological Insecurity in African Urban Spaces, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, 15 Oct 2014-17 Oct 2014.
Van den Broeck, J. (2013). Urban Realities and Urban Development in the City of Nairobi. Presented at the 'New New Towns: Nairobi' International New Town Institute Confrence, Nairobi, 19 Nov 2013-19 Nov 2013.
PhD Theses
Van den Broeck, J., De Boeck, F. (sup.) (2016). "Whose city will this be?" An ethnography of urban development and uncertainty in Nairobi, Kenya.
Van den Broeck, J. (2011). Conflict Motives in Kenya's North Rift Region. Antwerp: International Peace Information Service (IPIS). Open Access
Book Reviews
Van den Broeck, J. (2016). Review of Elizabeth Cooper and David Pratten, editors, Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan; 2015, 216 pp. Africa, 86 (1), 176-178.