Tim Gielens

Campus: Brussel
Adres: Warmoesberg 26
Lokaal: E4001
Telefoon: +32 (0) 2 300 22 19
E-mail: tim.gielens@odisee.be
Centrum: Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE)
Studiegebied: Bedrijfskunde


Duurzaam HRM


Journal articles (peer reviewed)
De Prins, P., Stuer, D., Gielens, T. (2018). Revitalizing social dialogue in the workplace: the impact of a cooperative industrial relations climate and sustainable HR practices on reducing employee harm. International Journal of Human Resource Management, Art.No. 10.1080/09585192.2017.1423098.
Gielens, T., Henssen, B. (2019). Sustainable Human Resource Policies: a multiple case study approach. Presented at the 34TH EIASM WORKSHOP ON STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, Vienna, 25 Apr 2019-26 Jul 2019.
Henssen, B., Gielens, T., Broekaert, W. (2019). Family firms and Sustainable Human Resource Management: Is there a Match? Presented at the CeFEO / JIBS Research Seminar, Jönköping University, Sweden.
Gielens, T. (2019). Presentatie Duurzaam HRM, diversiteit en leiderschap (kennisdelingsmoment BAR Hogescholennetwerk). Presented at the Kennisdelingsmoment Brussel Antwerpen Rotterdam Hogescholennetwerk, Brussel, Odisee. (professional oriented)
Gielens, T. (2018). Impact Onderzoek Duurzaam HRM. Presented at the Onderzoeksdag ODISEE, ODISEE CAMPUS WAAS.
Gielens, T., Henssen, B. (2018). Building a theoretical framework for sustainable HRM from case study research. In: Proceedings of the EGOS conference. Presented at the European Group of Organizational Studies Conference, Tallinn, 04 Jul 2018-07 Jul 2018.
Gielens, T. (2018). Inspiratiesessie Duurzaam Loopbaanbeleid. Presented at the Raad van Bestuur Formaat vzw, Berchem, 21 Apr 2018-21 Apr 2018. (professional oriented)
Gielens, T., Keygnaert, W. (2018). Workshop Duurzaam Personeelsbeleid. Presented at the Onderwijsdag Bedrijfskunde, ODISEE CAMPUS AALST. (professional oriented)
Science Outreach
Gielens, T. (2019). HRM: moet het strategisch of duurzaam zijn? HR Square, 192. (URL)
Gielens, T. (2019). Onderzoek duurzaam HRM - Odisee Hogeschool. (URL)