Wouter Pieteraerens

Campus: Aalst
Adres: Kwalestraat 154, 9320 Aalst
Telefoon: 053-72 71 70
E-mail: wouter.pieteraerens@odisee.be
Studiegebied: Gezondheidszorg



Journal articles (peer reviewed)
Pieteraerens, W. with Pieteraerens, W. (joint first author), Pieteraerens, W. (corresp. author) (2020). Previous healthcare experiences are important in explaining the careseeking behaviour in heart failure patients. Evidence-Based Nursing. doi: 10.1136/ebnurs-2020-103306 (professional oriented) Open Access
Katbeh, A., Silva, E., De Potter, T., Stefanidis, E., Pipertzi, A., Pieteraerens, W., Colaiori, I., Iliodromitis, K., Geelen, P., Barbato, E., Van Camp, G., Penicka, M. with Katbeh, A. (joint first author), Penicka, M. (joint last author), Katbeh, A. (corresp. author) (2018). P6469Catheter ablation during sinus rhythm is associated with acute loss of left atrial contractile function in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: a strain study. Eur Heart J, 39 (suppl_1). doi: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehy566.P6469 Open Access
Pieteraerens, W., Pieteraerens, W. (contr.) (2021). Structural Heart Diseases and Ageing: Investing in Belgium's future today. Invited by RPP GROUP. Presented at the Structural Heart Diseases and Ageing: Investing in Belgium's future today, Online Webinar, 20 Jan 2021-20 Jan 2021. [expert opinion] (professional oriented)
Internet publications
Dumon, B., Christleven, T., Vonck, C., Gribbe, E., Christiaens, I., Pieteraerens, W. (2021). Intranasale ketaminespray bij majeure depressie. (URL) Open Access