PATH – PerinAtal menTal Health

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The Health and Europe Centre (UK); Plymouth and District MIND (UK); Southampton City Council (UK); Kent County Council (UK); Institute of Health Visiting (UK); Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust (UK); Hospital Centre of Douai (FR); Antwerp University of Applied Sciences (BE); Bournemouth University (UK); Ngo Attachment in Development (BE); Maasstad Hospital (NL); Antwerp University Hospital (BE)
Februari 2019 - September 2022

Financiering: Interreg 2 Zeeën 2014-2020


PATH  – PerinAtal menTal Health – is part of the Interreg VA 2Seas programme and will run from 1st February 2019 to the 30th September 2022. It receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund, has a budget of over €8.5 million and involves partners from the UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. (See below for partner details)

PATH  will enable women, families & healthcare professionals to prevent, diagnose & successfully manage mild/moderate PMI via radical systemic change, developing an inclusive, holistic health structure: demand driven & co-created with existing patients & expectant/new parents. PATH will prepare parents pre-birth for their new role & help them avoid PMI; currently feelings of being a failure as a parent lead to a reticence in seeking help: 58% of pregnant women/new mothers fear they would be judged. PATH’s multiple entry points including anonymous online services will allow women to access support in a way that best suits them. PATH will also improve the skills of healthcare professionals equipping them to address PMI confidently & effectively.

PATH will create:  – a new multi-media international support hub, including gaming/avatars, to help families develop parental awareness & recognise, prevent & overcome PMI. This will benefit all parents in the partner areas, addressing the stereotype of everybody possessing natural parenting skills. – scientifically evaluated modular prepared parenting & PMI training (building on existing best practice) to increase knowledge & upskill healthcare professionals/employers/parents. – a multi-media campaign to raise awareness of & destigmatise PMI. This can be suffered by either parent, so raising awareness will also help fathers, recognising & treating symptoms among them early – community support groups for new families, increasing self-resilience via the wider community & social networks. PATH will create a new norm of preparing parents & recognising PMI & by providing community care & digital tools in monitoring PMI, send out an early warning message to people & a pathway to help

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