Strengthening capacities and social vulnerability in Bolivia

Project type: 
Project fase: 
i.o.v. Vlir-UOS i.s.m. VUB, UGent, UAntwerpen, KU Leuven

Specific Academic Objective:

Social Departments of the UCB and other partner universities have the research and training capacity to participate in the construction of ILC with the aim to improve and increase the knowledge, tools and practical know- how related to social vulnerability in the three different socio- ecological regions of Bolivia.

Specific Developmental Objective :

Bolivian Communities have the capacity to alleviate social vulnerability conditions related to bio-psycho social health , migration and violence. Bolivian communities are confronted with social vulnerability conditions due to migra- tion, violence and lack of access to bio-psycho-social health, specifically in poor urban and rural communities. To deal with these problems, this project proposal aims to contribute to ILC that will be created within the program (see Concept Note) to 1) improve access to bio-psycho-social health, 2) improve life conditions in migration processes and 3) to build awareness around the prevention and intervention in countering violence.

Knowledge and expertise gained by participating in the ILC will be used to improve research capacity in Social Sciences in both at the UCB and partner universities by creating an Interdisciplinary Doctoral School In Social Sciences and Master Programs specialized on topics of social vulnerability in Bolivia. Moreover, knowledge will become available to Bolivian society through observatories in the three socio-ecological regions of the country, with the purpose of gathering databases, spreading research findings, and observing changes in social vulnerability factors throughout the years.